Opening: 10.07.2014, Duration: 15.09.2014

Movie stars, (super) heroes from comics and the small screen, characters from the music scene who have influenced the world cultural industry by shaping the Popular culture, are coming to life in the work of seven artists, in an exhibition titled “Why so serious?”. The artwork is presented in a unique composition by taking over every centimeter of the exhibition space, uncovering in this way an original blend of figures, decades and techniques of various expressions of the contemporary west. In a modern “Chamber of Curiosity”, the exhibition borrows its title from Joker’s line “Why so serious?” – from the famous film “The Dark Knight” – and invites the visitor to recognize and admire famous personas and favorite heroes. Artists participated: Manolis Anastasakos, Bleeps, Kron, Olga Migliaressi – Phoka, Taxiarchis Mermiris, Konstantinos Patsios, Alexandros Vasmoulakis