Vicious Circle

Opening: 03.03.2016, Duration: 16.04.2016

A circular approach and the use of recurring motifs are the key components found in the themes as well as in the compositions of Taxiarchis Mermiris’ new series of work titled «Vicious Circle». Through a delirium of obsessions, conflicting notions are born, they expand and finally they spread across the masses like a virus. Τhe characters apparent in Mermiris’ work display extreme behaviour and become captives of endless conflict; demonstrations of power, fraud and sadism interact with each other and take turns switching form with fear, submission and self-destruction. Situations that are open to many interpretations question our society, mocking the vain internal battle and the compulsive habits of the individual. The caustic details in his apocalyptic representation often shocks, but also captivates the viewer. Through a swirl of intense storytelling, it is the biblical references, the element of fantasy and the infinite human stupidity that are highlighted. The exhibition «Vicious Circle» is a theatrical expression of the absurd, with no end or beginning, leaving the viewer with more questions than answers.

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