Opening: 27.06.2018, Duration: 29.07.2018

The Blender Gallery presents the photography show ‘UNEARTH’ by Stelios Kapetanakis. The opening will take place on Wednesday 27th of June, at 20.00.The evening will be accompanied by a live set of music interventions, inspired by the exhibition’s theme. In the UNEARTH exhibition, living and inanimate elements become one. As the viewer approached the photographs which depict vast landscapes, he suddenly seems to be delving into psychological portraits. On the other hand, the photographs of human portraits narrate stories from remote places. In Stelios Kapetanakis’ exhibition, there is no thematic transition between landscapes and human forms, between the natural and the urban element, or between detailed and larger scale compositions. In the world revealed through the eyes of the artist, light and time permeate, shape and determine the existence of everything. Living and inanimate entities patiently await the passage of the sun, as at the right time, he reveals to the photographer the composition that will tell their story.