Opening: 17.10.2019, Duration: 16.11.2019

The impulsive, innate and non-conformist art of Eliona Doukni is the product of her profound, inner need for artistic expression. Her individual artistic trait with the repetitive shapes and forms on her canvasses is further accentuated by her unique impasto technique.  The artist devises her own distinct painting style by placing or packing together geometrical shapes and comes up with amazing combinations of colors with multiple hues and tones. She transforms her painting surfaces into detailed non -representational visual narratives, which alternate from being painful and devastating to being exonerating and reassuring. Always experimenting with colors and techniques and drawing on her profuse talent she creates intense, provocative and often large scale compositions. Her subjects are based on her personal experiences and reflect her concerns, fears, desires, dreams as well as her internal conflicts and victories.  Her inner world is converted into vibrating colorful images with subdued descriptive formations and unexpected interfering inlays. She thus manages to convey conflicting emotions on her works and to captivate the viewer by making indirect references to situations of misfortune and absolution. In Doukni’s particular art peace coexists with turbulence, contentment, optimism and hope coincide with agony, cruelty and callousness. The palimpsest of her script with the constant transformations of matter, the invasive application of color and the strong confessional mood adds a widespread feeling of sweet sorrow to the general ambience and helps carry the vibrations from the energy and intensity of her aggressive art. Her creations, canvases and free standing works, small and large scale compositions, all display a strong postmodern expressionistic attitude, which stems from the artist’s fiery temperament and her continuous struggle for creation.

Louisa Karapidaki, Art Historian
Translation: Cleopatra Fatourou