Sticky Fingers

Opening: 15.02.2017, Duration: 14.03.2017

“Sticky Fingers”: the homonymous Rolling Stones album, which featured the top charts for four consecutive weeks in 1971, lends its name to a group art exhibition, the participating artists of which are Konstantinos Berdeklis, Dimitris Ntokos and Konstantinos Patsios. The three artists oppose conventions, they create new realities whilst studying the past respectfully, they give in to the freedom of their thoughts and associations. Their work is indelible, experimental and spontaneous, it is unconventional and unpredictable – it is rock ‘n roll. The three artists get their hands dirty as they experiment with various techniques, media and concepts. To express their artistic obsessions and concerns, they combine the old with the new and they embellish what is ordinary, seemingly trivial or even ugly. They collect objects of the city, scraps of old magazines and posters and then incorporate them into their works, turning them into maps of their wanderings or into personal diaries. The polysemic imagery created, bears the characteristic stigma of each artist, and at the same time seem to works together harmoniously.

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