Save The Wall

Opening: 01.06.2017, Duration: 15.09.2017

From Como, Italy to Athens, Greece! Mr. Savethewall is an artist from Como who uses the stencil technique to create works of art on simple or everyday surfaces like cardboard, wood, metal or post-consumer materials. His is an art which disturbs, one that puts forward ironic, provocative and iconoclastic messages regarding social and political themes and current events.One of his first acts of urban disorder involved his roaming the streets of Como putting up posters with the image of a spray can and the written message : “Dear wall-defacers/graffitists, if it were art we would buy it, instead we have to pay to have it removed” to denounce the degradation of the city and its walls. As stated by his pseudonym, rather than painting on walls, Mr. Savethewall respects and “saves” them, affixing his works temporarily, using four pieces of adhesive tape in the corners. His first works, put up on public walls in Como, were removed by passersby and taken home to be framed, arousing the interest of the art world, which began inviting him into art galleries and public spaces. His recent exhibitions include the 2013 solo show “King Com” in Como and, in 2014, the double solo exhibition in Parma called “It’s an icon” at Tpalazzo and Le Malve, a CibusLand side event and his participation in the 27° International GrandPrix Advertising Strategies awards at the Teatro Nazionale in Milano, in which a huge installation consisting of over 200 boxes assembled together was on show. For “La grande invasione”, the Ivrea Book Festival, the artist revisited the logo used for the 2014 event and exhibited his works in a number of different locations scattered about the city. In 2014 he also took part in Cartasia, Biennale of contemporary art, a leading international paper festival held in Lucca, giving a speech/talk titled Mr. Savethewall. Dal muro alla carta (Mr. Savethewall. From the wall to paper). Visit the Blender Gallery on Thursday the 1st of June ,to meet and enjoy the artist’s perspective of life and art, through his own lenses at his solo exhibition “Save the Wall”.It is a unique Italian experience in the centre of Glyfada!