Opening: 21.02.2019, Duration: 30.03.2019

The Blender Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition “PRINTED”, showcasing different types of printing through the work of Greek and foreign artists. Exhibition opening: Thursday 21 February at 19:00. Exhibition duration: till 30 March. The imprinting of an original piece of art allows the creator to reproduce copies and can be done through different techniques. The initial creation constitutes the base for a matrix – a printing plate, or a digitally processed preliminary draft. In the first stages of printing, ink would be spread on the printing plate, and as a result the imprint of the artwork would appear on the paper or on some other surface chosen by the artist. Each printing copy resembles the other, but has in fact small differences that constitute its uniqueness.The first reproduction of artwork occurred in China thousands of years ago. The West became familiar with printmaking, after the creation of paper, during the 15th century. Communication in both the the western and eastern civilizations, was enhanced and enabled through the art of creating copies. Different types of printing and reproduction have developed through the years. A lot of artists combine two or more printing techniques to produce one final artwork. There is an enormous variety of methods and techniques when it comes to prints. The most famous of them are screen printing, etching, canvas printing, aluminum printing and finally 3d printing which has countless possibilities in its application.

Participating Artists: Dimitris Dallas, Giorgos Makrakis, Eleni Maragkaki, Taxiarchis Mermiris, Paul Oz, John Valyrakis

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