My father had a big nose, Objects and toys from an aggressive childhood

Opening: 19.04.2024, Duration: 24.05.2024

The Blender Gallery is pleased to present the solo show of Konstantinos Patsios, titled ‘My father had a big nose, Objects and toys from and aggressive childhood’. The exhibition opening will be held on Friday 19th of April at 8pm and its duration will be till 24th of May.

 ‘The Child is father of the Man; And I could wish my days to be bound each to each by natural piety ‘
[My heart leaps up, William Wordsworth]

In his new solo exhibition, the artist forms a Gesamtkunstwerk, a total work of art that includes wall works, sculptures, videos and NFTs. Patsios enriches the painting process with the techniques of collage and decollage, creating a palimpsest of symbols and images that connect the adult world with the child’s, the microcosm with the collective unconscious. In his sculptures, complex ready made, a sarcastic mood prevails, sometimes autobiographical, describing the relationship with the natural but also with the heavenly father.

Having Pinocchio as the central motif, the artist opens a window into the world of childhood dreams and experiences, where desires and emotions shape adult life. Through Patsio’s perspective, Pinocchio is revived with a new breath, as a universal hero who leads us to the depths of the human soul, to the pains and pleasures of existence. In his works, there are images and objects that influenced his artistic temperament, a diverse universe that includes from the figure of Pinocchio and Renaissance Madonnas to the figure of Napoleon.
As in a dream, where the mechanisms of reality are reversed, Pinocchio’s big nose expresses a repressed experience or desire. Symbolic of man’s desire for expansion and penetration and closely associated with smell, lying and sex. Smell is linked more than any other sense to memory and emotions.

Patsios’ collages are diaries of everyday life, but also of another, internal, unexperienced one. Newspapers, posters, tickets, old photos, turn into something new. Following his need to connect with the great tradition of painting, he succeeds in marrying incompatible images and inviting the viewer into a strange, socio-political association. The aim of his work, as the artist himself states, is the transformation of an image, in which all the conflicting and inappropriate parts of the human condition will coexist harmoniously.

In parallel, a 100% silk scarf which is specially designed for his solo show will be presented. This is conjunction between Konstantinos Patsios with the Greek brand Mantility.

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