Opening: 26.04.2018, Duration: 24.05.2018

Three artists, three countries and three different cultures meet at the “Crossroads” exhibition presented by The Blender Gallery on April the 26th, at 19.00.
John Valyrakis – Marcelo Ricardo Zeballos – Paul Oz. We would like to thank Mamush Gallery for the support and for providing us with artwork by Marcelo Ricardo Zeballos. Reminding of Ingmar Bergman’s visual photographic psychography, John Valyrakis presents expressive and powerful compositions depicting forms, faces and expressions that reflect his unique point of view/ perspective. The painter is clearly influenced by the art of movie posters, as well as by the aesthetic of silkscreen printing. He combines this forgotten art with his own distinctive style, the use of new visual arts and techniques. In his artwork one can find influences from art movements such as Pop Art, Art Nouveau and Street Art. His special technique, a combination between the old and the modern, is what makes him stand out. Marcelo Ricardo Zeballos is influenced by the world of advertising, photography, cinematography and posters, the artist focuses on big formats. His main theme is woman’s figure and portrait. He uses pop colors in complementary tones to highlight women’s attractive characteristics. Paul Oz is a visual artist and sculptor based in London. His explosive, typically large scale, work focuses on creating visual impact with energy, movement and a whole lot of paint. He is celebrating icons of popular culture and sport, focused on the maximum 3D impact and energy with large scale works in thick oil paint.