Cobalt Waves

Opening: 18.10.2018, Duration: 30.11.2018

Lisa Jeombre inspired by the cobalt blue, creates her new artwork with configuration of keenly colors and shapes that mainly creates the sense of move. Strollings at Ionian Sea and at Thira in Dark Waves, Bloom and Horizontal exchanges, the artist discovers Windmill at Stairs of the Desert. She invites us to wander together this journey and to discover another world dimension from the colors. In a unique way, the colour of Lisa’s Jeombre paintings is not only the medium that serves the composition for an aesthetic result. It is highlighting the study and her in-depth knowledge on visual-art colour exploitation. It preserves an independence existence, formed with the experiential force of the natural pure-light spectrum. It provokes and invites to stare at! It is becoming impression, feeling, recalls memories, grieves, cheers, glories, bitters, it absorbs you! It intertwines between the line drawings in a unique way that you think you discover it all over again along with the artist.

Nestor Katsimichas, Curator