Cinema Portraits by Memas Touliatos

Opening: 06.12.2018, Duration: 09.02.2019

The painter Gerasimos-Memas-Touliatos (1919-2007) was one of the artists who contributed to ephemeral art of cinema posters in Greece. Lately this kind of art was recognized as Fine Art. Some of the cinema posters, will be exhibited at The Blender Gallery and we will travel to another decade with a sense of joy and emotion.  At decades between 1950-1995 the cinema posters used to be a procedure part of movie’s commercial. Many times, the audience used to observe Gerasimos-Mema-Touliatos outs of the cinema painting a giant cinema poster and then watch the film.  In the exhibition, big posters are included that bring to life faces and images taken from well-known motion pictures, but with the colour-intense hand of Mema. For those who love some good old fashion cinema, it will be a celebration filled with emotion and nostalgia from the known as “road painting” as well as images from important cinemas of the previous decades, such as Attikon, Apollon, Rex, Esperos, Kotopouli and more.Many thanksgiving to his daughters and granddaughters who trust to us this important and rich archive which is selected and kept with love and respect.