Above Olympus to the Dogstar

Opening: 10.12.2022, Duration: 17.02.2023

On Saturday the 10th of December at 19.00-00.00 the opening of the exhibition Above Olympus to the Dogstar will take place at The Blender Gallery. This is an exhibition presented by The Blender Gallery in conjunction with Jab Labs and its duration is till 17th of February. Twenty NFT screens will take over the exhibition space of the gallery, showcasing the limited edition collections of digital art (NFTs) of Above Olympus and Johnathan St. Void, whilst designer – artist Niklas will present an installation that develops between the digital and the physical world.

Behind of Above Olympus, is a team of three students of the Economic University of Athens and the artist Martus. Johnathan St. Void is a multidisciplinary artist that expresses his creative vision through painting, digital art and music. His last collection of NFTs “They Came from the Dogstar” originates from actual paintings of his and is actually presented to the public for the first time this December. The parallel worlds of Above Olympus andJohnathan St. Void will be merged as collaborative pieces will also be presented.

The artwork APNEA 3.0 by designer – artist Niklas is a collection of porcelain objects that were designed inside a virtual reality (VR) environmental, made with a 3D printed and bonded as NFTs. Niklas tried to bring the outcome of digital technologies to the physical world.

The opening party of the exhibition inaugurates the first blockchain summit of Jab Labs, a company managing projects in the Metaverse. The summit will have duration of 2 months throughout which various speeches, networking events and workshops will take place. Those activities will be aiming to train art lovers as to how they can participate in the Metaverse art market and  to analyze themes such as NFTs & Sustainability, Legality in the Metaverse, The social aspect of NFTs.

Indicatively, on the 17 and on 18 of December the crypto conference of V as in Metaverse will be hosted at The Blender Gallery, having as a special guest product designer and special effects supervisor Rick Carter (whose cv entails movies like Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Avatar.