45×45 The Street Art Group Show

Opening: 09.06.2019, Duration: 20.07.2019

The Blender Gallery along with Manos Nomikos are teaming up to present a group exhibition “45×45” featuring works by selected street artists at the outside space of the gallery. 45×45 | THE STREET ART GROUP SHOW Art is observed in unusual sizes, media, and surfaces. When floor tiles come to life as alternative canvas paintings through the art of unique Greek artists, the result is striking.The Blender Gallery and Manos Nomikos asked Greek artists and street artists to print their work on ceramic tiles measuring 45x45cm, thus opening a new dialogue on art, media and materials themselves. Communication with the artists was a dynamic process through which the curators of the exhibition discovered new artists, enriched the original list of entries, and formed a series of parallel actions such as creating murals at The Blender Gallery’s premises, and conducting interactive seminars during the inauguration.The floor tiles are full of color, stories are told and through each artist’s unique style and vision – they gain ‘life’ and a new identity. Tiles are positioned on our wall as works of art and not on the floor, ceasing to be a simple utility.
The artists participating in the exhibition are: Anastasia Papaleonida Pountza, Barba Dee, Blaqk, Dimitris Dallas, Dimitris Ntokos, Dimitris Taxis, Dimitris Vasilieou Amneris, Don Forty, FIKOS, Giorgia Kalafati SUGAHSPANK, Gospel, Grigoris Papagrigoriou, Ifigeneia Manassolis, Ifigeneia Iliadou, Ifigeneia Iliadol, Melina Koan, Norjin Lama, One Bran, Pupet, RTMONE, SAME84, SIMEK, Taxiarchis Mermiris, Yiakou