Konstantinos Patsios

Selected Artworks


Κonstantinos Patsios was born in Athens. He studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Athens, whilst also taking sculpture classes. Patsios has been highly productive since 2005, by participating in numerous exhibitions, festivals and cultural events. In his work humor and creativity seem to go hand in hand with various symbols taken from popular culture, while the dominant feature of his work is the mixed media technique that he uses. While his work exudes ambiguity and is filled with symbolic cues, it also maintains an element of spontaneity. Ηis work is a synthesis of several painting metaphors, from conceptual art and expressionism to pop art, all delivered in a sense of mockery and irony and an invitation to critical discourse. Although they may seem naïve at first sight, there is a strong underlying political dimension in his pictures. Using a variety of expressive media, from painting, sculpture and photography to large scale installations. Art and especially image have their own rules: they go beyond paint, brushes and paper, over to constitute a narrative. Psychoanalysis is not sufficient by itself to interpret an image. A piece of art provokes aphorisms and coincidences. It may not be in itself a cause for war, but it will always be a mirror. One of the principles in Patsio’s work is the synthesis of non-matching materials, data and the completion of an unequivocal picture. Another personal obsession has to do with confusion: sometimes when the narrative is tiring to his viewer, he juxtaposes a tangled mess in order to stop thinking and start seeing!

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Solo Exhibitions

2022  Modified Atmosphere, Deximi art space, curator: George Oratis,Astypalaia-Greece
Deep in the forest we meet, Gallery 8, curator: Varvara Roza and Jason Theophanides, London – United Kingdom
Sic transit gloria artis, Alma gallery, curator: Katia Papandreopoulou, Athens-Greece
2020  Where are the lotus eaters?, The Blender Gallery, curated by Yannis Bolis , Athens – Greece.
2019  The Scrambled Papers Theory, Alma gallery, curator:Louisa Karapidaki, Athens-Greece.
Ink and Botox,The Pulse gallery,curator:Louisa Karapidaki ,Astypalea-Greece.
2018  Art Market Budapest, International Art fair, Alma gallery, Budapest- Hungary.
Contradictions, Soul Food, Tinos island-Greece.
2016  The Lost Parthenon,Melkart gallery,curator Leonie Gavrias,Paris-France.
2015  Positions Berlin art fair,Alma gallery ,Berlin-Germany.
The Twisted Odyssey,Underdog gallery ,curator :Mikaela Vergotti,London-United Kingdom.
The Twisted Odyssey,The Blender Gallery ,curator :Mikaela Vergotti,Athens-Greece.

2013  Emotional Collective, Cube Gallery, Patra – Greece.
2010  The Vitrina Project, Solo Presentation, Athens – Greece.
K.N. Patsios presents The Divine Comedy, Fizz gallery, curator: Alexios Papazacharias, Athens – Greece.
The Roller Coaster, installation, ekfrasi – Yianna Grammatopoulou gallery, Athens – Greece.

2009  Koukou, artis causa gallery, curator: Maria Kenanidou, Thessaloniki – Greece.
ReMap 2, Sugar Mao, Thermopylon 27, curator: Marina Fokidi, Athens – Greece.
2008  K.N. Patsios presents Mr. Cannibal, Fizz gallery, Athens – Greece.

Group Exhibitions

2022  Love me tender, Lola Nikolaou gallery, curator : Stephanos Tsitsopoulos, Thessaloniki-Greece.
Εκόμισα εις την τέχνη, Standinline Artspace, Nicosia-Cyprus.
Salo X-Salon du dessin érotique, curator: Laurent Quénehén, Paris- France
Art Market Budapest, International Art fair, Alma gallery, Budapest – Hungary.
Art Athina, contemporary art fair, Alma gallery, Athens-Greece.
Love me tender, Alma gallery, curator : Stephanos Tsitsopoulos, Athens-Greece.
Group exhibition, Lola Nikolaou gallery, curator: Thalia Stefanidou, Thessaloniki-Greece
Re-Imagine, Imagine Visual Arts, curator:Eleni Gatsa, Athens-Greece
Don Quixote:Stunts in paradox,G &E .art gallery Vati, curator:George Altouvas, Syros-Greece
Post, The Blender Gallery, curator: Francesco Piazza, Athens-Greece

2021  Art Athina, contemporary art fair, Alma gallery, Athens-Greece
Collecting starts here, Adrian Ibanez gallery, curator :Adrian Ibanez, Bogota-Colombia
Art Market Budapest, International Art fair, Alma gallery, Budapest – Hungary.
Canone Doppio, Palazzo Risso, curator: Francesco Piazza, Palermo-Italy
On a Small Scale: A Mosaic of Contemporary Creation , Alma gallery, curator: Katerina Mertzani, Athens-Greece.
ExStaseis, Cultural Foundation of Tinos, curator: Megakles Rogakos, Tinos-Greece
Britannia – Pallas: The Twilight of the Idols, Contemporary Art Museum of Chania, curator: Megakles Rogakos, Crete – Greece
The Mona Lisa project, Skoufa gallery , Mykonos-Greece.
1821, οπτική μιας Επανάστασης, War Museum, curator: Eleni Gatsa, Athens -Greece
Canone Doppio, Project gallery, curator: Francesco Piazza, Athens – Greece
Cov – Art project, Copelouzos Art museum, Athens – Greece

2020  Σαλαμίς 480π.Χ. Εικαστική απήχηση 2020 ‘  Hellenic Maritime Museum, curator: Louisa Karapidaki, Piraeus – Greece
For it is the darkness which bears the light.., Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Alma Gallery, curated by Manos Stefanidis ,Tinos-Greece.
SALO VIII, Salon du dessin erotique, curated by Laurent Quenehen and Maria Xypolopoulou, Paris-France .
Meta-Kinesis, Alma Gallery, curated by Yota Dimitriou and Maria Almpani, Athens – Greece.

2019 Our inner child, Skoufa gallery, Mykonos – Greece.
Overview Effect, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Metropolitan Organization of Museums of Visual Arts of
Thessaloniki (MOMus), curated by Orestis Andreadakis, Thessaloniki-Greece.
Come together..right now, Alibi Gallery, curated by Matina Charalambi, Athens – Greece.
Les fleurs du Mal, Project Gallery, curated by Yiannis Bolis, Athens – Greece.
7Ply Project, French Institute, Thessaloniki-Greece.
Still Allive,The Project gallery, curator:Yannis Bolis-Alexandros Maganiotis, Athens-Greece.
Amor Vaccui, ID Project art space, curator:Maria Xanthakos, Louisa Karapidaki, Athens-Greece.
Art Market Budapest, International Art fair, Alma gallery, Budapest- Hungary.
100\% Strange,Aabenraa Kunsthandel,Aabenraa -Denmark
Flash Back ,Alma gallery,Athens -Greece.
Summer is a state of mind,ΙD Project art space, curator:Maria Xanthakos, Athens-Greece.
Unfortunately, Zeus was feeling horny…,Skoufa gallery, Mykonos-Greece .
Treat me mean, I need the reputation…,Skoufa gallery,Mykonos-Greece .
Man on the moon,The Project Gallery ,curator:Alexandros Maganiotis,Athens-Greece .
Welcome – The European Hospitality and its Borders,The Project gallery,curator: Megakles Rogkakos-Ioannis Arhontakis,Athens -Greece .
The Parthenon frieze ,an artistik statement,curator:Yannis Psychopaidis,Teloglion Foundation ,Thessaloniki -Greece .

2018  There far away…on the island of salvation Serbs in Corfu, The Old Fortress-Latin Chapel, curator:Louisa Karapidaki, Corfu-Greece
The memory of the revolution, contemporary Greek artists , Katsigras museum, curator :Yannis Bolis, Larissa-Greece
Art Thessaloniki International Art Fair , Artshot gallery, Thessaloniki-Greece
Democracy, Eptapyrgion-State museum of contemporary art, curator:Yannis Bolis-Catherine Kousoula, Thessaloniki-Greece.
7Ply Project, French Institute, Thessaloniki-Greece
Prossalendi’s Britannia, Ionian Academy, curatοr: Megakles Rogakos, Corfu-Greece.
Die kunst ist ein ausweg bei sexuellen problemen,Sigmund Freud Dream Museum, curator: Megakles Rogakos and Ioannis Arhontakis, St.Petersburg- Russia.
Yellow me, The Box, curator: George Oratis, Athens- Greece.
Imago Mundi the Luciano Benetton collection,Salone degli Incanti, Trieste- Italy.
The walking dead art, Athens conservatoire, curated by M Art , Athens-Greece.
Symphony in 20 parts, National Museum of Contemporary Art, curator: Yannis Bolis, Thouli Misirloglou,Thessaloniki-Greece.
Flashback, The Blender Gallery , curator: M.Mavroudi, Athens-Greece.
Contemporary Greek Artists, 100 years of the October Revolution, Athens school of Fine Arts, curator: Yannis Bolis, Athens- Greece.
New homelands,Museum of Greek Folk Art, curator: L.Karapidaki, Athens- Greece.
Less is more, Evripides Art Gallery, Athens-Greece.

2017 Biennale Archipelago Mediterraneo-Mediterranean Routes,Cantieri Culturali Alla Zisa,Palermo-Italy.
The poligious issues,25/2-2/4/2017,the Crown-Schiedam-the Netherlands (20/5-11/6 EAT-Antwerp-Belgium, 15/7-26/8 Museum Ursulinenconvent-Eijsden-the Netherlands, 7/9-24/9 Mir museum-Gleisdorf-Austria, 3/11-30/11 National art Gallery, Dobrich,Bulgaria)
Boobs,semiotics of breasts,The Art foundation,Athens-Greece.
20 years of the Moschandreou gallery of modern art,Messolonghi-Greece.
Art Athina, The Blender Gallery, contemporary art fair,Athens-Greece
Art Athina,Veryoung Contemporaryart,Athens Greece.
MEDinART exhibition,Athens sciense festival 2017,Athens-Greece.
Ernst und Rosa -Reality Check,The ArtWall,curator:Agnes Tatzber,Athens-Greece.
The Memory of the Revolution,Contemporary Greek Artists-100 years after the October Revolution,State Museum of Contemporary Art,curator:Yannis Bolis,Thessaloniki-Greece.
Greek Counter Example,The Blender Gallery,Diplarios School,curator:Thanasis Moutsopoulos,Athens-Greece.
Sticky Fingers,The Blender Gallery,curator:Leonie Gavrias,Athens Greece.
MigrArtion,Espace Christiane Peugeot,Paris-France.
Boobs, semiotics of breasts, The Art foundation, curator:Areti Botsari, Athens-Greece.
We could be heroes,The Blender Gallery, curator: M.Mavroudi, Athens-Greece.
Jouet, Alma gallery, curator: Yannis Bolis, Athens-Greece

2016 Fake,The Pulse Gallery,curator :Louisa Karapidaki,Athens-Greece.
Action Field Kodra-Mind the Gap,curator:Maria Kenanidou,Thessaloniki-Greece.
Atithasa Niata,Evripides Gallery,curator:Louisa Karapidaki,Athens-Greece.
New Era Eaudesea,House of Cyprus,curator:Irini Bazara,Athens-Greece.
Art Athina,The Blender Gallery,contemporary art fair,Athens-Greece.
Art Athina,Melkart Gallery,contemporary art fair,Athens-Greece

2015 19 Artists for Tsitsanis,Alma Gallery,curator:Eleni Gatsa,Trikala-Greece.
Kaleidoscope,Alma Gallery,curator:Eleni Gatsa,Trikala-Greece.
Unrealism,Alma Gallery,Athens-Greece.
Trace-Elements,Lola Nikolaou gallery,Thessaloniki-Greece.
7ply Project,State Museum of Contemporary art,Thessaloniki-Greece.
Mykonos Biennale,curator:Lydia Andrioti,Mykonos-Greece.
The labyrinth of kypseli,Athens Greece.
The Affordable art fair,The Blender Gallery,London-United Kingdom.
Filoxenia,Museum of contemporary art,curator:Megaklis Rogkakos,Chania-Kreta.
Heroica,Art Athina,Platforms,curator:Provo Principles,Athens-Greece.

2014 Why so serious?curator:Leonie Gavria and Jason Theofanidis,The Blender Gallery.
Dia, Byzantine and Christian Museum, curator: Dora and Elina Theodoropoulou, Athens – Greece.
Blue stories ,Cube Gallery ,Patra.
Vanitas, curator: Cube Gallery – John Bollis,Irini Papakonstantinou , Old baths, Patra – Greece.
On the road, Galleria Arte Saranta, Tirana – Albania.
ASasperger, curator: Dora Vasilakou – Evaggelia Constantakou, Cheap Art Chalandri, Athens – Greece.
Stavrose ton (crucified him), Trianon Megaron, curator: John Arxontakis, Chania (Crete) – Greece.
Images of the sea, Athens School of Fine Arts, Perseas Programme, Athens – Greece.
Up, metamatic TAF, Thessaloniki – Greece.
Up, metamatic TAF, curator: Create an accident, Athens – Greece.
Art Athina, The Blender Gallery, Athens – Greece.
Art Athina, Statement made, curator: Artemis Potamianou, Athens – Greece
Artist cards, Elika Gallery, Athens – Greece.
Sxedia Simeioseis Sxedies, Papatzikou Gallery, curator: Christos Theofilis, Veroia – Greece.

2013 Prokat, curator: Thanassis Moutsopoulos, Ηellenic American Union, Athens – Greece.
Moments of becoming, The Blender Gallery, curator: Leoni Gavrias, Athens – Greece.
Metavasi, curator: Provo Principles – John Bollis, Municipal Art Gallery, Athens – Greece.
Kavafis and the city, Gavriilidis editions – Poems and crimes, curator: Yiannis Psychopaidis, Athens – Greece.
The cabinet, Re Map 4, curator: George Tserionis, Athens – Greece.
Τhe grey cube show, On studio, curator: Μaria Koumianou, Chania (Crete) – Greece.
Sharing art, Cube Gallery, Patra – Greece.
State of mind, Supermarket Art Fair, Lo & Behold, Stockholm – Sweden.
See 2, Peri Technon Gallery, Patra – Greece.
Persona Non Grata, Art Athina, Platforms, curator: Provo Principles, Athens – Greece.
Art Athina, We 33, Platforms, curator: Open Hasiakou Gallery, Athens – Greece.

2012  Tracing Traces, ekfrasi – Yianna Grammatopoulou gallery/ fizz gallery, curators: Artemis Potamianou – Georgia Kotretsos, Athens – Greece.
Back to Athens 2012, CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point, curator: Tzortzina Theou, Athens – Greece.
Returning from Utopia – New Reality, About, curator: Yiorgos Tserionis, Athens – Greece.
Postscraps, CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point, curator: Provo Principles, Athens – Greece.
Reculture 1, Patra – Greece.

2011 Summertime, Diatopos Gallery, Nicosia – Cyprus.
Lol, TAF, curator: Provo Principles, Athens – Greece.
seXarsi, Booze Cooperativa, curator: Megakles Rogakos, Athens – Greece.
Undisclosed Recipients, TAF, curator: Panos Skouloudis, Athens – Greece.
52 Hertz, Melina Mercury, Hydra – Greece.
Greek Island, Korai 4, Athens – Greece.
See, Open Hasiakou Gallery, Athens – Greece.
Michalis Kakoyiannis Foundation, artistic intervention in the theatrical play “Nobody Else” (dir.: Kirki Karali), Athens – Greece.
Final group show, Vitrina project, Athens – Greece.

2010 Artists support curators, Kappatos gallery, Athens – Greece.
Coming Soon, Fizz gallery, Athens – Greece.
The Vitrina Project, Athens – Greece.
3rd Anniversary exhibition, Artis Causa,Thessaloniki – Greece.
Rooms to let, The Art Foundation, curator: George Georgakopoulos, Athens – Greece.
Cinephil, Michalis Kakoyiannis Foundation, group show, curator: Yiannis Psychopaidis, Athens – Greece.
With eyes open, The Container, Thessaloniki – Greece.

2009 Action Field Kodra, Hinterland, dialogue b, curator: Maria Kenanidou, Thessaloniki – Greece.
The Artweek – project, curator: Anne Lildholdt Jensen, Aabenra – Denmark.
Zulu/ require a tag, Perikleous 44, Guru, Athens – Greece.
Art Athina – Fizz gallery, Contemporary Art Fair, Athens – Greece.
Miden Festival, Kalamata – Greece.
Athens Photo Festival – FNAC, glance at the city, Athens – Greece.
The Arty-Farty show – Obi uptown, curator: Alexios Papazacharias, Athens – Greece.

2008 Art Athina/Open plan – gallery ekfrasi-Yianna Grammatopoulou, Contemporary Art Fair, curated by Bettina B, Athens – Greece.
Art Athina, Athens Ville, curator: Marina Fokidi, Athens – Greece.
The portrait of a museum, Averof Museum, Metsovo – Greece.
Athens School of fine Arts – Graduation exhibition.
The Meeting Point, group exhibition, P65, Athens – Greece.

2007 Contemporary Istanbul – Gallery ekfrasi-Yianna Grammatopoulou, Contemporary Art Fair, Istanbul – Turkey.
Belle arte Lamia, Modern Art Exhibition, Lamia – Greece [1st award].
Action Field Kodra, Participation at the 7th Visual Arts Festival, Section Rooms to let, Thessaloniki – Greece.
Kreation, Varvakios Market – May 2007, Athens School of Fine Art Students exhibition at the meat market, Athens – Greece.
Goldener Centaur, May 2007, Represented Athens School of Fine Art in painting at a European competition of visual arts, Münchner Künstlerhaus, Munich – Germany.
Artists beehive, Kipseli Municipal Market, February 2007, 12 young artists exhibiting at the market, curator: Leda Kazantzaki, Athens – Greece.
4th Greek Fine Art Students Biennial, December 2006 – February 2007, Maris hotels, Rethimno-Crete & Athens Metro, Exhibition space of Syntagma Station.

2006 Digital freaks install the noise, Three day festival including video, performances, cinema & dj sets. Curator and participator, Technopolis (Gazi), Athens – Greece.
FATA MORGANA – Benaki Museum, Visual approaches to the poetry of Nikos Kavvadias, Athens – Greece.

2005 Video Readings – E.M.S.T. – A.S.K.T. Presented the video art piece “La jalousie des hombres” on body art, Athens – Greece.Poésie en images, French Institute, Athens Young artists group show on French poetry, Athens – Greece.

Deep in the forest we meet by Konstantinos Patsios