Ioannis Lassithiotakis



Ioannis Lassithiotakis aims for an abstract universality: he uses the simplest visual materials because he wants to broach the universal subjects he is dealing with, while addressing the widest possible audience. Probably as an act of resistance to the dominant verbose culture that continuously attacks us with moving and spectacular images and information, the artist chooses to speak laconically, with austere means, with pictures that do not assault the eye and which, on first viewing, seem naked, static, but nevertheless involve dynamism and rich symbolism. Calling on the viewer us to regain the patience of observation and the ability to understand the simple relations between the basic building blocks of the world, at least in the ways that artistic creation tries to convey them, he defends the value and importance of the work of painting against the inflation of cheap and fast images.

Solo Exhibitions

1981 Dada Art Gallery, Athens 1983 Dada Art Gallery, Athens 1985 Dada Art Gallery, Athens
1989  Medousa Art Gallery, Athens
1990  Stavrakakis Gallery, Heraklio
1991  Epikentro Gallery, Patra
1992 Medousa Art Gallery, Athens
1996  Medousa Art Gallery – Medousa +1, Athens | Tzamia Cristalla Gallery, Chania
1997  Art Forum Gallery, Thessaloniki
1998  Medousa Art Gallery, Athens Kleiner Raum: Clasing – Gallery Etage, M nster
1999  Art Forum-Vilka Gallery, Thessaloniki
2000  Tzamia Cristalla Gallery, Chania
2001  Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens | Art Forum – Vilka Gallery, Thessaloniki
2002  Agathi Gallery (Art Athina), Athens
2003  Agathi Gallery (Art Athina), Athens
2005  Athens Art Gallery, Athens | Agathi Gallery (Art Athina), Athens
2006  Art Forum Gallery, Thessaloniki
2007  Athens Art Gallery, Athens
2008  Art Gallery, Alexanroupoli | Elementary school of Falatados, Tinos Island
2009  TIF-Pavilion 6 (44th Dimitria), Thessaloniki
2011  Apocalypse Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2012  Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens
2013  Astrolavos gallery, Athens
2017 Lefa municipal gallery, curator E. Gerolymatou. 2018 ΔΛ gallery, Piraeus.
2020 Relations/Shapes Individual exhibition By Lassithiotakis Galerie Marie Robin, Paris, October 2020 2022 Couleurs et Geometries, curated by Dominique Chapuis, Galerie Marie Robin, Paris, February 2022
2023 Ideal Lines, Varvara Roza Galleries, London UK.

Group Exhibitions

1984  Lassithiotakis – Adamakos – Vordoni, Athens College, Athens
1985  Eikastika, Municipal Art Centre of Athens, Athens | The Hellenic Dimension, Vorres Collection, Chicago,USA
1986  2nd Biennale of Young Artists from the Mediterranean, Thessaloniki | Lassithiotakis – Marouda – Tsakiris,
Epipeda Art Gallery, Athens – Panselinos Art Gallery, Thessaloniki | Kallidromio II, Athens | Pieridis
Collection (Dimitria 86), Thessaloniki
1987  Antipodes – Young Greek Artists, Modern Art Museum, Melbourne, Australia 1989 Body and Spirit,
Zappeion Megaron, Athens (curator: N. Rogan)
1996  Osaka Triennale, Osaka, Japan | Astir of Paros (organized by Medousa Art Gallery), Paros Island.
1997  Art Athina 5, Medousa Art Gallery | Argo, Mythical Voyages, Spirer Mansion, Volos (curator: A. Schina)| Focus of the Gaze, Headquarter of the WEU, Brussels (curator: A. Schina)
1998  With the Lyre and the Fiddlebow, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Rethymnon (curator: M. Maragou) | Iakynthia 98, Anogia, Crete | Art Athina 6, Medousa Art Gallery | Aischyleia 98, Eleusis (curator: L.Kokkini) | The new collection, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki | UnderCover – Revelations – Editions, Pretoria Art Museum, South Africa
1999  4th Biennale of Sarjah (2nd Award), U.A. Emirates (curator: A.Schina) | At the crossroad of Crete,
Tzamia Cristalla Art Gallery, Chania, Crete (curator: P. Kounenaki) | Ideas and Idols, Campus Art & Science, Athens (curator: F. Tzanetoulakou)
2001  Visions and Bonds, Libety s Park Art Centre, Athens (curator: H. Kambouridis) | Rupture – Convergence, Beltsios Collection, Cultural Foundation of the Municipality of Trikala (curator: M. Stefanidis)
2002  People – Faces – Figures, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Rethymnon (curator: M. Maragou) | 90 years from the liberation of the N.Aegean, Ministry of the Aegean, Mytilini
2003  Oikade, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Rethymnon – Melina Merkouri 98
Cultural Centre, Athens (curator: M. Maragou) | Coup de Coeur, Athens Art Gallery (curator: E. Alexaki) | Olympic Spirit and Contemporary Greek Art, Municipal Gallery of Chania, Crete – M.M.C.A., Thessaloniki – Giorgio de Chirico Cultural Centre, Volos (curator: P. Kounenaki)
2004  Olympic Spirit and Contemporary Greek Art , Athens Municipal Cultural Centre (curator: P. Kounenaki)
| Love Art, Love the World, Andronikos Art Gallery, Mykonos (curator: E. Anthopoulou) | The Olympic Idea in the Sky, Astrolavos Gallery, Athens | Gallery Walk, Agathi Gallery, Athens | Athens, city of Games, Technopolis, Athens | Mickey meets Art , Hellenic American Union, Athens | Missal, Ekfrasi Gallery, Athens (curator: I. Criticou)
2006  Kites, Astrolavos Gallery, Athens – European Parliament Headquarters, Brussels | Panorama of Art, M.C.A, Thessaloniki | Dialogues, M.M.C.A. – Art Forum Gallery, Thessaloniki | There was once Penelope Delta, Athens College (curator: I. Criticou) | Calendar of National Stationary Office, Agathi Gallery, Athens
2007  Publication of a monograph on his entire ouevre by Ta nea newspaper, distributed nationally as part of the series of Contemporary Greek Painters | Native Place, Benaki Museum, Athens (curator: I. Criticou)
2008  Art Athina, Astrolavos Gallery, Tsatsis Projects Gallery
2009  Ambassadors of Contemporary Greek Art – Three Generations of painters, Hellenic Museum, Melbourne (curator: H. Kambouridis) | 35 visual artists for Democracy, Zappeion Megaron, Athens (curator: T. Mavrotas)
2010  Tracing Istanbul, Greek Embassy Theological School of Halki, Istanbul | Technopolis, Athens (curator: I. Criticou)
2011  Art Athina, Astrolavos Gallery | Time aspects, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Rethymnon (curator: M. Maragou) | 20×20, Athinais, Athens (curator: T. Mavrotas)
2013  “To Tinos”, Cultural Foundation of Tinos (curator: C. Marinos) | “The maelstrom of art and history”, Chapel Renier, Chania (curator: P. Kounenaki)
2014  “Painting II”, Frisira Museum, Athens | “Art Athina”, Astrolavos gallery, “Statement made”, (curator: A. Potamianou).
2015  “Art Athina”, Astrolavos gallery.
2016  “Three generations of Greek painting”, municipal gallery of Athens, / “I dared to praise… ”Eleftherios Venizelos 80 years after his death” (curator: Louisa Karapidakis), Basilica of St. Mark, Heraklion, Crete
2017  “100 years after the October Revolution”, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki,(curator: Yiannis Bolis), I Art Athina, Astrolavos gallery, I Back to Athens, Gateway to Freedom, Cheap art gallery, (curator Thalia Vrachopoulos), I Reminders, Spiliotopoulos Warehouse, Historical Triangle, Athens, (curator: G. Georgakopoulos).
2018  “100 years after the October Revolution”, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, (curator: Yiannis Bolis).
2018 Art Athina, Ikastikos kIklos. I Back to basics, Enia gallery, (curator: A, Potamianou), I Conciousness, Alfa Gallery Miami.
2020 Parallel Vienna September 2020 curated by Eleni Kampuridis and Evelyn Papadopoulou 2020 Alfa Gallery Miami, USA, November   Covimetry, BWA Gallery Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland, December 2020
2021  Eaton Fine Art, Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas USA, February 2021
2021  Covimetry / USA Ely centre of contemporary art, Connecticut, USA
2022  Lumiere Minimaliste Sous un sapin, Curated by Dominique Chapuis, Gallerie Marie Robin, Paris December 2022
2023  Participating in biennale internationale d’art non objectif, Grenoble, France
2023 CENTURY. idee Bauhaus Exhibition at the Palais Dubniczay of the House of Arts Museum, Veszprém (HU), as part of KULTUR. KONTAKT. KONKRET – Selection from the Collection of Carl-Jürgen Schroth, for the European Capital of Culture 2023 As part of the European Capital of Culture 2023, the exhibition CENTURY.
2023 Museum Wilhelm Morgner, June – August 2023, Germany

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