Theo Vranas

Selected Works


Theo Vranas has been working as a photographer since 2000. He has captured various styles of the medium in Greece, Italy, Switzerland, and the USA, ranging from extreme sports, travel, architecture, concerts, to social and political events, as well as street photography. His work has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and media outlets in Greece and abroad. Additionally, his personal projects have been showcased in solo exhibitions in Athens and Kythira, as well as in group exhibitions both in Greece and internationally. Simultaneously, he is an active session musician, with a focus on drumming. Theo has collaborated with numerous musical groups within both the well-known artistic scene of Athens and its underground scene. In December 2023, the debut album of the band PALE OAKS, of which Theo is a permanent member, is set to be released. In November 2022, he unveiled his first self-published photo book titled “But, why Palanka?” at the BLENDER gallery. The book chronicles his band’s tour in the Balkans and Europe. The exhibition featured photo projections in a dimly lit room, and it was accompanied by a concert with his band, offering the audience a unique audio-visual experience. His most recent and deeply personal project is titled “Visceral Reactions.” This experimental solo album delves into a musical dialogue between his drums and recorded sounds from an ICU unit in the city of Malacca, Malaysia. It was during this time that his sister, Katerina Vrana, was in a coma while on her stand-up comedy tour. Concurrently, he documented the entire journey on photographic film, from the ICU and the distant city to their return and reintegration in Greece. The culmination of this project was presented in a solo exhibition in 2019 bearing the name of the Malaysian city, Malacca.

Solo Exhibitions

2022 But, Why Palanka?, The Blender Gallery, Athens
2019 My Hoodie, Pop Up 123, Athens
2019 Malacca, The Hub, Athens
2013 The Poster Outcome, K44, Athens
2011 Ten Summers, Zeidoros, Kythera
2008 Samples, Nixon Bar and restaurant, Athens

Group Exhibitions

2023 Alone In A Crowd, Hellenic American Union, Athens
2023 Three Flavors, Teras, Athens
2016 On Elite Now, Municipal Market Of Kypseli, Athens
2013 The Face Of Hope, Divani Caravel, Athens
2011 Distant Cousins, Old Market City Center, Athens