The Fool, a performance by Irini Theodosi (Irzzy)

Parallel to the group show “Playground Lovers” which is on view till 8 April, Irini Theodosi (irzzy) will present a 3 hours performance titled “The Fool” on Saturday 1st of April.  The artist enters the performance space where she has placed mirrors in front of a small low stand on which she is about to begin her practice on clay.  Following a three-hour musical carpet, the artist will enter different mental states, entering her emotional world, exactly as she would experience it during her creative studio time.   During the three hours of the performance, the artist, without having any verbal or visual contact with the audience but glances through the mirrors, she will experience her emotions and reactions as she sculpts the idol  of her head, while observing her reflection.   When she has completely her sculptured image, and after writing the sacred  words related to the image of herself, the artist stands up for the first time, faces the audience and then breaks the new sculpture by throwing it on the floor in front of her. She then collects and reshapes the clay into a ball and he places it back on the work area to close the narrative circle.   This performance refers to the construction of ourselves through our experienced reality, as well as to the necessary destruction of our idol for the constant redefinition of our Ego. Who we are remains something constructed from which we are liberated  only through the destruction of our idols. Our emotions are the driving force behind all of the above. We are invited to experience them in their full range, to flow with them, to let them guide us and teach us what we need to learn about ourselves.   The title of the performance is inspired by card 0 in the tarot deck called The Fool – the card speaks of new beginnings, of restarting with only faith and hope.