Taxiarchis Mermiris at K8

The Blender Gallery presents on the 1st of October selected artwork by Taxiarchis Mermiris at K8 point.

K8 point is the No. 1 multi-venue in the heart of Athens. The Neoclassical building on Ermou Street houses the most dynamic and at the same time creative concept: cafe, bar, restaurant, live stage and exhibition space TOGETHER!

Wanting to “inaugurate” this collaboration, we invite you to our pop up event on Thursday, October 1st, 2015 from 19:00, on the first level of K8 where the works of Taxiarchis Mermiris from the sold out collections “Fairy Tales” and “Homo Stultus” are hosted.

Try the unique cocktails of K8 under the music of Dj Stelios Mantonanakis and wander into the caustic and at the same time humorous microcosm that Mermiris captures in his works.