Stroke Art Fair

The Blender Gallery will participate in the 2019 Stroke Art Fair, which is taking place in Munich, from the 16nth till the 19th of May.

STROKE is the worlds first art fair for Urban Art, Street Art and New (Emerging) Contemporary Art. Like no other fair, STROKE combines the textual and intellectual qualitaties of a serious art fair with the unique and creative approach to a new generation of artists and art lovers. To find out more about the fair and this year’s participations – click here:

To find out more about the artists The Blender Gallery is presenting at Stroke Art Fair, read below:

Dimitris Dallas was born in Athens in 1982. He studied graphic design and Computer Graphics DTP & Web Design in AKTO, Greece. Inspired by everyday life, the people he meets, incidents and situations he observes, he creates an explosive parallel universe where the “ordinary life” is stretched to its limits. Dallas works with spray, acrylic, markers and spatulas. His characters and symbols are products of the artist’s spontaneous process and improvisation. The repeating patterns encode his explosive feelings, while the fluidity and the sense of movement exuded in his work, express the energy that surrounds and configures the artistic creation, as well as the artist’s psyche.

Taxiarchis Mermiris was born in 1982, in Kairo, Egypt. He studied Visual Communication, painting and drawing in Middlesex University, UK. Mermiris’ work provides caustic social criticism striking humorous chords, while simultaneously creating sinister and ominous undertones. Fears and vices, derived from the perplex irrationality of human nature are exploited and exposed. Most of the messages are implicit, though the work itself is quite audacious and provocative. Intricate linear technique meets bold brushstrokes. Ιn most of his work, he benefits from the absolute freedom and stability offered by ink, in order to act freely, to communicate his thoughts directly and to create complex compositions seamlessly. He follows the same philosophy in colour, which allows him to experiment more, maintaining his characteristic identity.

Κonstantinos Patsios was born in 1977, in Athens. He studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Athens, whilst also taking sculpture classes. His work is a synthesis of several painting metaphors, from conceptual art and expressionism to pop art, all delivered in a sense of mockery and irony and an invitation to critical discourse.Although they may seem naïve at first sight, there is a strong underlying political dimension in my pictures. He uses a variety of expressive media, from painting, sculpture and photography to large-scale installations. Hewould like his work to form a new field of thinking where all contradictions are resolved and a new type of harmony governs boththe visual and the logic!

Dimitris Ntokos was born in 1984, in Athens. He studied graphic design in AKTO, as well as architectural design, which he practiced for ten years. Dimitris Dokos is self-taught and became famous through his art in the streets, a dominant theme of which was the scarab. Since 2011, he has moved his streets from the urban arena to galleries. The main materials that he uses are acrylic and oil colours, wood and aluminium whereas several progressive materials include doors from refrigerators, canvases from their backward side, old magazines, car parts, mirrors. In his first shows, the artist would combine the scarab motif with numerous ideograms, similar to hieroglyphics.Those detailed ideograms, lead to the creation of a visual language that has taken over his latest work.