The first collaboration between The Blender Gallery and Mona boutique hotel & concept space takes place in October of 2022 as part of Konstantinos Patsios’ pop-up exhibition. From the 14th until the 20th of October, guests will have the chance to visit the the uninhabited for decades building in Psirri (an eight story factory from the ‘50s), to navigate the recent renovated areas and discover Patsios’ art of mixed technique in which humor and lateral thinking co-exists with the symbols of history and popular culture.

“Athens is my canvas, my stage, my amusement park; the lover I come back to for more. We share the same curiosity, looking inward to see outward, revealing layers of color, texture, of raw truth. A climate of chaos wrapped in rocker chic – loyal to the artist in values, visions and aesthetics.” -Excerpt from Mona’s Manifesto

“ A work of art provokes aphorisms and coincidences. It may not be by itself a cause of war, but it will always be a mirror. One of the principles of my professor is the composition of incongruous materials, data and the completion of a categorical image. An additional personal obsession of mine has to do with agitation: sometimes when the narration tires the viewer, I juxtapose a complicated chaos for them to stop thinking and start seeing!” -Konstantinos Patsios

About Mona : Located in the heart of downtown Athens, Mona represents a new era for the concept-led boutique hotel and multidisciplinary space. Staged in an eight-story industrial factory from the 1950s, it features twenty uniquely designed rooms, with handmade, custom furniture from natural materials and art works organically displayed that evoke a sensual balance. Every corner inspires a playful and organic way of living, where all items in the spaces are available to purchase and take home. Mona offers an open café & kitchen (The Living Room) and an underground venue that hosts regular happenings. The building’s highest point is its members-exclusive rooftop, where guests enjoy endless urban sceneries of Athens and its famous Acropolis. Steeped in the spirit of the city, Mona is a sprawling playground for travellers, artists, emerging and established brands, photo and film productions, pop-up art installations, and private events of all visions.

About  #TheBlenderGalleryTakeOver: The Blender Gallery hosts exhibitions of emerging and acclaimed artists at its industrial and minimalistic building, in Glyfada. It is a contemporary hub of culture and entertainment that combines all kinds of artistic creations. In Fall 2022, with the occasion of its 10 year anniversary, Blender’s team,in addition to the running program in situ, also organize exhibitions in the center of Athens, through different  collaborations. The pop-up exhibition “The Garden of Promises and Lies by K.N Patsios” at Mona, is the first installment of #TheBlenderGalleryTakeOver, a project designed to connect the South district of Athens with different areas, and to provide Blender’s guests with alternative viewings of art in varied spaces.

Opening hrs of the pop up exhibition:

14-20 of October, everyday 15:00 p.m-20:00 p.m.

Kakourgodikiou 4, Psirri 105 54