Horizon Line Sessions | Episode #9

Strategy Games  | Eleni Maragaki Xiromamou

Eleni Maragaki is a visual artist based in Athens, Greece. She studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2013-2018), exposing herself to various pathways such as, printmaking, sculpture, scenography and new media techniques. She is very intrigued by architecture, something that became prominent in the early years of her studies. Living in Athens, where a variety of shapes, forms and structures are combined, she explores the idea of the city as a human-made social structure. As part of her interest in the urban landscape, she is often inspired by platonic theories, examining the duality of the natural and the artificial. Modern architecture and ancient Greek philosophy have shaped a lot her artistic practice, leading her to observe and present the city, through the purity and precision of geometrical shapes. Her work was presented in various galleries and museums such as, the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and the Numismatic Museum of Athens. Her first solo exhibition, “Engraved Ark”, was held in F.O.B. Art Container, in May 2019.