Art Athina 2022

For this year’s participation of The Blender Gallery in Art Athina, an environment where the physical viewing space of works extends to the digital one was created. On the occasion of the current ceramics group exhibition at The Blender Gallery, entitled Shapes of Stories, we presented the work of 4 ceramists, the NFTS series “They came from the Dogstar” and an interactive virtual gallery of 7 rooms with wall artworks of 7 selected visual artists. We have turned our gaze to the past, presenting ceramics, which we have associated with antiquity and to the future through the digital presentation of original works. The connecting link between the two were the sculptures of Yiannis Vogdanis (3D Printed Ceramics) and the collaboration with the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Kotsana with which we presented an ancient ceramic alarm clock in a modern form, by the artist Maria Economides.