Τhe Kika Project x Dimitra Karachotziti| The Totemic Other

Dimitra Karachotziti delivers her last text in the action The Totemic Other, Lila Erpeto, and Giannis Iliopoulos (The Kika Project) composes it and sings it.

Viewing Room: Vicious Circle

Mermiris' work provides caustic social criticism striking humorous chords, while simultaneously creating sinister and ominous undertones. Fears and vices, derived from the perplex irrationality of human nature are exploited and exposed.

Spring Travelogue 2021 | Day IX

On the 9th day the virtoual tour of the exhibition is revealed! Discover the hidden texts of Dimitra Karachotziti as well as the story of little Sotiris.

Spring Travelogue 2021 | Day VII

On the 8th day, Ιason Ali performs at The Blender Gallery. A tour of the exhibition, with musical creations in lyrics and melody by him.

Spring Travelogue 2021| Day VII

Yesterday the set up of the exhibition The Totemic Other was complete. Our Travelogue does not end here though.
A ritual will be hosted at The Blender Gallery, a musical walk with Iason Ali.

Spring Travelogue 2021| Day VI

On sixth day Little Sotiris wall of drawings somehow lightens our hearts and Anna Charaktinou fragile Totem is revealed to us. Stay tuned for the more rituals in the place of worship - the art gallery, among artworks that traverse each other in the rhythms of this Spring.

Spring Travelogue 2021 | Day V

Little Sotiris would now be seven years old. We are introduced to the drawings of Little Sotiris, a figure craving to stay forever in the safety of the cave. Iason Ali focuses on the perception of the artists's studio as the beginning of it all, the matrix, the cavity from where the journey begins.

Spring Travelogue 2021 | Day IV

The anti-exhibition The Totemic Other starts taking shape, with the works of all the team members transgressing each other, in the Spring's rythms. Vasilis Botoulas works are set up by Konstantinos Berdeklis in the place of worship - the gallery.

Spring Travelogue 2021 | Day III

The time has come for the encounter with the feminine "other”, at the anti - exhibition The Totemic Other. The first meeting between the art of Konstantinos Berdeklis and Anna Charaktinou occurs through the sett up of her delicate installation, the mystique feminine ARCHETYPE.

Spring Travelogue 2021 | Day II

The team behind The Totemic Other has finally emerged out of the cave and is bringing the pieces of ARCHETYPE A together.The Totemic Other is an experimental, multilayered art project, an anti-exhibition open to interactions amongst the participants, the public and the work of Konstantinos Berdeklis.

Spring Travelogue 2021 | Day I

Τhe works of artist Konstantinos Berdeklis are taken from the "cave" - workshop of the artist to the "mosque" - art gallery. The Totemic Other by Konstantinos Berdeklis is an experimental, multilayered art project, an anti-exhibition.

Spring Travelogue 2021 | In the artist's cave

Photos from the workshop - cave of the artist Konstantinos Berdeklis. The team of The Totemic Other is beinh shaped. The preparations for the travelogue of ARCHETYPE A have begun.