Viewing Room: The Totemic Other- An organic VR

The Blender Gallery presents The Totemic Other, an organic viewing room.

Viewing Room: Situations

The Blender Gallery presents the viewing room " Situations" with the new artworks of Charoula Nikolaidou.

Viewing Room: Alexander The Great

“For me Alexander is the ultimate Hellenist, no other figure in history has the exotic power, romance, and legendary fantasy of Alexander the Great”.

Viewing Room: Summer Echoes

At the tip of summer, right before the heatwaves, Valyrakis' work awakens our imagination and brings to mind memories of a careless summer.

Viewing Room: Bird Watchers

Bird watching and art observing share a common ground - that of a patient and mature gaze and more importantly the sincere intention to trace or recognise one’s soul.

Viewing Room : Wooden Intersections

Geometry, parallel lines, negative space, patterns, glitches. Welcome to the world of Christos Tzaferos, also known as SIMEK.

Musical Ritual with Iason Aly| The Totemic Other

Watch the video of the musical walk made by Iason Aly in the context of the exhibition The Totemic Other, at The Blender Gallery.

Viewing Room: Theory of Flamboyant and Fantastic

The Blender Gallery presents a viewing room with selected works by Bouritsa and Patsios.

Trip out of the Cave!

Little Sotiris, a character born in the context of The Totemic Other project, gives life to an abandoned school bus through his drawings

Viewing Room: SPACE WARS | Choose your battle!

Dimitris Dallas is inspired by ordinary life but there is nothing ordinary about his paintings!

Dimitra Bouritsa & Konstantinos Patsios | Virtual Tour

Browse the new virtual tour of the two artists, in a pop up show at the showroom of The Blender Gallery.

Viewing Room: Decrypt my inscription

Konstantinos Berdeklis, Vasilis Botoulas, Apollon Mathioudakis, Dimitris Ntokos, and Chris Tzaferos (aka SIMEK) have established their unique artistic style.